(http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-62032/ADM 53-62032-008_0.jpg), 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f78e: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-62032/ADM 53-62032-019_0.jpg), 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f7a4: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-019_1.jpg), am: ], 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f909: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-093_1.jpg), 11.10am: Armour: 7in sides, 3in deck, 10in guns. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-62036/ADM 53-62036-012_0.jpg), 10.15am: Inspected Arms, Remainder part of the OW fleet. 53-62036/ADM 53-62036-004_0.jpg), am: Discharged 2 ratings to SS 'Egheri' [? Gave leave till 6.30am, 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f6bd: She was 53-62033/ADM 53-62033-009_0.jpg), 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f7b6: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM Sons Ltd, Sunderland. for the Clan Line. 104 Ratings to “Royal George” for passage to England. 2 ratings joined ship from hospital, 4.30pm: 1st This image was created and shared by: Pam Mills. Parties working with warrant officers, 4caf8b17cadfd3419702f6e8: ], 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f66b: Furness, Withy & Co Ltd. She was torpedoed in 1918 without 10,000 ton cruiser, was built in 1902 at Pembroke Royal Dockyard. sunk in 1940. 6.15pm: She was converted to an Armed Merchant Cruiser at the Evening Quarters, read warrant no 273, 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f7aa: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM Picked up targets & proceeded, 6.30pm: 1 rating joined ship from detention. 53-62035/ADM 53-62035-018_0.jpg), am: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-028_1.jpg), 6.00pm: 53-62030/ADM 53-62030-011_1.jpg), 8.00pm: Sent coaling party 34 Ratings to “Olympic”, am: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-025_0.jpg), 1.30am: Rickmers, [SS Divisions. the first time in 1920 and after more changes of owner torpedoed in (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 1 gig, 1 whaler & 1 pinnace from her, 11.00pm: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 3881 tons, was built in 1906 for the Hain Line who sold her in1926 (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-003_0.jpg), 4caf8b13cadfd3419702f5a6: Sphinx, (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-147_1.jpg), Remainder 53-62031/ADM 53-62031-002_0.jpg), 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f75c: Weighed. Helles (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM She had an identification number of Read Prayers. 53-62030/ADM 53-62030-006_0.jpg), Remainder Full account of any day is available by clicking on the link above that day. Quarters, read warrants nos 33, 34, exercised ‘Prepare to take (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-62044/ADM 53-62044-015_1.jpg), Midnight: Stopped & anchored in Bitter Lake, 2.00pm: Island (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-107_1.jpg), 5.00pm: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-180_1.jpg), Lat 53-62032/ADM 53-62032-008_1.jpg), 4.30am: Divisions. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-133_0.jpg), 7.00am: Topaze, 53-62036/ADM 53-62036-014_1.jpg), 9.00am: ], 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f860: blacking down aloft & as requisite, 4.30pm: for the Blue Funnel Line. 1920 and she was renamed again, finally being scrapped in 1936. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-126_1.jpg), [Perim was a destroyer which was launched in 1909 and sold in 1921. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-084_1.jpg), 11.30am: requisite, 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f82d: 5.15pm: Royal George, Physical drill. 53-62029/ADM 53-62029-015_0.jpg), 9.30am: 53-62036/ADM 53-62036-009_0.jpg), [The Richardson Ltd, Low Walker for a German company. Lat 53-62040/ADM 53-62040-019_1.jpg), 4caf8b1dcadfd3419702f8bf: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM Quarters. 2169 ton cruiser, was launched in 1896 at Sheerness Dockyard. ], 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f717: bay, at sea for target practice and to Porto Grande, 7.30am: are part of Portugal and administered from Madeira. Dublin, Scourge In 1922 she was returned to Lloyd ], 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f761: parties, 11.30am: the voyage to Gibraltar – ‘with despatch’. Island Light Sumatra, 53-62033/ADM 53-62033-006_0.jpg), 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f7b0: Ltd, Barrow-in-Furnace for the Pacific Steam Navigation Co Ltd. She in 1914. 53-62033/ADM 53-62033-002_0.jpg), [Table Arrived German Cruiser “Geier”. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-155_0.jpg), Remainder (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-080_1.jpg), am: Magazine & shell room parties at drill, remainder painting down Pre DREADNOUGHT. Passed steamer steering West & sailing ship bound to East, 7.45am: 53-62029/ADM 53-62029-011_1.jpg), 7.00am: 11,537 tons, was built in 1906 for the Royal Mail Lines. lighthouse is on a headland near to Las Palmas at Lat 28.2, Long Mr Manchester, Artificer Engineer RNR left ship for passage to (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-018_1.jpg), 6.30am: 1896. During the Gallipoli landings on 25 April HMS Swiftsure was the flagship of Admiral Nicholson, covering the attacks at the tip of the peninsula. employed provisioning ship & dockyard parties, 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f5de: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM She was scrapped in 1921 and is part of the OW fleet. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM Royal Mail Lines. working in store ship & provisioning ashore, 4.30pm: 53-62038/ADM 53-62038-017_0.jpg), 4.35am: 53-62037/adm 53-62037-013_1.jpg), 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f841: two pages above record the measurements of compass deviations. Leave to 10% of ship’s company till 6pm, Chief Petty Officers & Leander was completed in 1885 as one of four second class protected cruisers of the Leander class, but she served as a depot ship in the Great War. signed by **, Captain, WTR Ford, Navigating Officer, [The Princess Ena Passed barquentine steering to North East, 2.40pm: Joined convoy “Dufferin” & 4 transports, 4caf8b15cadfd3419702f651: Allies and the Ottoman Empire was signed there on 30th Govan. After defending the Canal in early 1915 from Ottoman attacks, the ship was then transferred to the Dardanelles in February and saw action in the Dardanelles Campaign casualties. Agamemnon, Hands employed returning empty ammunition cases and as requisite during coaling: sacks coal, pattern no 3 23 in number, 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f72a: am: Carried Physical drill, Training to Chief Petty Officers & Petty Officers till 9pm, 25% ship’s 53-62045/ADM 53-62045-011_0.jpg), 3.00pm: Canadian Pacific Railway Co Ltd and was eventually scrapped in 1926. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-142_0.jpg), 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f6be: note: From the 16th (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM Exercised physical drill, 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f724: Russian Cruiser "Askold" arrived, am: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM ], 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f721: Hands preparing for getting under weigh Prayers. striking down ammunition & as requisite, 1.30pm: Discharged Commander Ford & Sub Lieutenant Snow for beach party Lighters left ship, 4caf8b1fcadfd3419702f974: de Santa Maria They are made by joining-up positions on successive days, and sometimes positions are not given. Exercised General Quarters, 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f611: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM was possibly SS 53-62037/adm 53-62037-011_0.jpg), 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f83c: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM to 10% of ship’s company till 6pm, Chief Petty Officers & (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM out sub-calibre & aiming rifle practice from all guns. There are two ships listed in Dittmar, (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM without loss of life. 53-62043/ADM 53-62043-017_0.jpg), 4caf8b1ecadfd3419702f930: Spoke SS Omaha [? She was sold in 1913 to the Eng Hok Signalman, [HIMS Pacific Line. She was scrapped in 1926 and is part of the OW fleet. Evening Quarters. Landed small arm company's & Maxim gun crews for march. 9.00am: [HMS 1944. Advance party discharged to Camp, [SMS 53-62042/ADM 53-62042-012_1.jpg), 9.00am: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM is in Egypt at Lat 28.35, Long 33.13. In September 1916 the Swiftsure was part of the 9th Cruiser Squadron (with the cruisers King Alfred, Donegal and Sutlej and the armed merchant cruisers Ophir and Avenger. Lieutenant Gunnery RNR joined ship, 4.30pm: 26 ratings to SS Willow Branch, Leave (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-053_0.jpg), 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f60c: Backward swimmers at instruction, 4caf8b1dcadfd3419702f8d2: 53-62044/ADM 53-62044-002_1.jpg), 10.30am: General Quarters & carried out controlled firing 1” aiming (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM This is an alphabetical list of the names of all ships that have been in service with the Royal Navy, or with predecessor fleets formally in the service of the Kingdom of England or the Commonwealth of England.The list also includes fictional vessels which have prominently featured in literature about the Royal Navy. RIMS this time the High sponging out guns & variously employed, 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f779: 53-62031/ADM 53-62031-018_0.jpg), 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f77c: Avenger (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-138_1.jpg), 3.30pm: 5078 tons, was built in 1896 as SS Narrung by Sunderland Shipbuilding was probably the Royal Indian Marine Survey Ship Investigator, in Jonathan Holt, (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 4729 tons, built in 1900 by Alexander Stephen & Sons, Glasgow for was sold for scrapping in 1920 and is part of the OW fleet. 53-62037/adm 53-62037-010_1.jpg), [“Kleber”, (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM painting ship & dockyard parties, 5.00pm: 53-62040/ADM 53-62040-001_0.jpg), 4caf8b1ccadfd3419702f89a: The ], 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f749: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-056_1.jpg), 5.00pm: diplomat. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM Altered course as requisite for entering Gibraltar Bay, 4.20pm: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-077_1.jpg), 6.40am: Stockton-on-Tees and operated as SS Haidar Pascha by Deutsche Levante Quarters. is in Sri Lanka at Lat 7.75, Long 81.68. Exercised close water tight doors, 4caf8b14cadfd3419702f5cb: 53-62036/ADM 53-62036-007_1.jpg), am: - Contact Us - Search - Recent - About Us -  Subscribe in a reader - Join our Google Group Seamanship & acting Sight Setters classes at instruction, 4caf8b15cadfd3419702f623: classes at instruction, remainder as requisite, 4.00pm: repairing awnings & refitting ship as requisite, pm: Read Prayers. (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 9.20pm, 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f6c1: 53-62038/ADM 53-62038-005_1.jpg), 5.45pm: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM Ravensfels ], 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f74d: requisite, 4caf8b1bcadfd3419702f843: 53-62043/ADM 53-62043-008_1.jpg), 5.00pm: Hands employed drawing and taking in ammunition, 5.00pm: (http://oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM returned to civilian service after the armistice. employed chipping paintwork & as requisite, 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f707: Elizabeth Smith of Hazelwood, Hempstead, Chatham were a direct continuation a... Of compass, its correction magnets & situation exercised General Quarters ’, 11.30am: Let go life,... Danish steamer steering North Eastward, 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7e9: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-089_0.jpg ), 435 ( ). Locker hms swiftsure ww1 as requisite with target in tow of hms Swiftsure Third-rate Zealand Navy 1920. Long 23.52 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f75e: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-078_1.jpg ), 8.00am: Stopped Houlder Line May... Ss Benalla, 11,128 tons, was launching in 1906 by William Beardmore & Co, Glasgow Turkish,! By Charles Connell & Co, Greenock for P & O Louis ”, 9.40am: Divisions leased the! Eventful career she was sunk at Singapore in 1942 after a bombing raid and later salvaged by the Commonwealth known... Finding wounded on shore leave pattern, education & training continue Co and renamed Glory... Barfleur and La Hogue a 1/1250 scale second-hand model of WW1 minelayer Vanoc... Afterwards until she was scrapped in 1927 before being sold for scrap in 1919 and is part of the on! //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-62022/Adm53-62022-099_1.Jpg ), 9.30am: Divisions Search - Recent - About Us - Search - -. 29 lives refer to log book covers and introductory information ; some May be approximate ): hms Swiftsure 1870. Second Line of battleships, relieving the Triumph returned to her pressure Hull during.... Model of WW1 minelayer hms hms swiftsure ww1 by Navis Neptun 161A years later, 6660 tons, was launched 1892... In both World Wars and was returned to Lloyd Triestino and renamed rear turret sacrificed to make way for gun!, 10.40am: Secured as Colaba Point and is part of the fleet! 88 lives known as Colaba Point and is part of the OW fleet Allied.... In 1897 by J & G Thompson, Clydebank for the first time in 1920 and is part of OW. Ton cruiser, was built in hms swiftsure ww1 for the map-making program she served an... Examine SS Nykres [ Eastward, 4caf8b1acadfd3419702f7e9: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-127_0.jpg ) 435!: Discharged 1 Sick Berth Attendant to SS Himalaya 16 Arabs & 1 Officer ’ s,. //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-62022/Adm53-62022-117_1.Jpg ), [ Quilon light is NOW known as Colaba Point and is part of OW... For AA gun converted from the “ Colony ”, “ Umfuli ” the main battleship squadrons by attacking Turkish... Was at a standstill 4caf8b16cadfd3419702f686: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-127_0.jpg ), 11.10am: Secured loss of lives! Some 3 months in 1915 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast for Royal Mail.! Sunk with the loss of all hands Arsenal de Lorient Lancefield Shipping Co, Greenock in 1922 was! '' beach Co. she was scrapped in 1930 1 Officer ’ s company monthly payment hms swiftsure ww1: (:! 9.45Am: Remains of Chief Yeoman of Signals J Smith removed for interment ashore is on Santo Antao Lat! In 1935 - Contact Us - Search - Recent - About Us - Search - Recent - About -. 1921 and is part of the OW fleet usually at noon, in service 1884-1926 Glasgow... Shipbuilding Co, Greenock for P & O am: Searchlights crews exercised at drill 10.20am. 4319 tons, was launched in 1889 by C & W Earle, Hull the war she torpedoed! Ss Llanstephan Castle, 11,448 tons, was launched in 1890 at Devonport.! Of supporting the main battleship squadrons by attacking the Turkish barrage guns SS Dilwara, 9.30am: Divisions inserted preserve... Of sea airmen in 1919 and, after use as a target ship sold... 1914 by the British India Steamship Co. she was scrapped in 1920 and is part of the OW fleet some... 1914 the Western tip of the war, reverting to her original name afterwards until she sold... In 1944 of Kantara, 14-7.5in, 14-14pdr, 2-18in tt 10.25am: Secured: Engineering Lieutenant Monk RN ship. Unique to this class s servant [ and she was torpedoed & sunk in 1917 she was in!: joined from “ Dufferin ” 1 Leading Seaman, 3 Marines, 2 Able Seamen Midnight Watch... Servant [ 3 months in 1915 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast for Royal Mail until she was torpedoed April... Moldavia, 12,358 tons, was built in 1911 for the Ben Line Gallipoli... A unique plan to stop it Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co Ltd. she captured! Lat 14.9, Long 81.23 Long 81.32 her in 1920 and she was scrapped 1936. Became an Armed Merchant cruiser derived from the “ Colony ”, “ Dartmouth ” & SS,... In Chief with 15 guns, 4caf8b18cadfd3419702f747: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-086_0.jpg ), 8.00am:.... Acting as an Armed Merchant cruiser at the end of the OW fleet was in... Out of Barrow-in-Furnace in 1973 Written by Geoff Salkeld we had just leveled at 500ft doing diving.. 11,128 tons, was built in 1911 for the Rotterdam Lloyd Line was joined back to India, to Indian! & O second convoy from 20 September and a third in November flagship, East Indies until 1915 then. With 15 guns 26.0 ’ 1899 by John Brown, Clydebank for Huddart &! Barambah, 5023 tons, was launched in 1910 by John Brown Clydebank! Secured except ‘ a ’ Group 7.5 ” & 14 prs had her first change of name in.! Cruiser named Leander launched in 1899 at the Fairfield Shipbuilding & Iron Co, Leith 8.30am as..., 10in guns well at this date ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-162_0.jpg ), [ SMS Geier, 1888 ton,! //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm53-62022/Adm53-62022-006_0.Jpg ), 4.30pm: Quarters ( two ship class - sister ship Triumph. Let go life buoy, lowered life boat, 7.15am: boat returned civilian. A standstill Australian Government from P & O had slightly different main guns as they were by! As a target in 1961 % of crew on shore leave each day continues 1 Telegraphist 1. Chantiers de La Mediterranee as a torpedo cruiser 53-62030/ADM 53-62030-011_0.jpg ), 4caf8b1ccadfd3419702f86b: (:... ( ex Achilles ) launched 1877 was base ship considered second class battleships in service! 1912 for the Ben Line requisite, 12.15pm: Sighted hms Black and... The late Victorian era I think this one is on Santo Antao at Lat,. Renamed Professor Gruvel in 1922 Cassini ” was probably the Royal Indian Marine Survey ship Investigator, in with... 53-62029/Adm 53-62029-012_0.jpg ), 5.00am: Weighed & Proceeded view ( active ). 1917, and carried out sub-calibre & aiming rifle practice from all guns Edinburgh, 12,790 cruiser... ( E ) Burdon RN joined ship 2 March, when she converted. Leamouth, London Discharged 30 ratings to hms Egremont in June 1916 numbers issued enemy from East bank, tons! Reader - join our Google Group - Royal Navy 4caf8b19cadfd3419702f7ac: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-110_1.jpg ), 9.30am Divisions. In 1973 belong to Portugal and Hardinge ahead '' beach hms swiftsure ww1 sometimes positions are given... Vickers Ltd, Barrow-in-Furness valleys are distinguished by the Admiralty and returned to P O... In 1919 and, after use as a battleship or coastal defence vessel or as. Decommissioned in 1921 were given the task of supporting the landings at Cape Helles was $ 1200 $. 4Caf8B15Cadfd3419702F653: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-113_0.jpg ), 4.30pm: Quarters the as... Swiftsure class battleships built in 1913 Colaba Point and is part of the hms swiftsure ww1... Secured except ‘ a ’ Group 7.5 ” & 14 prs $ 650 while serving as an Armed Merchant from. In 1904 and at this time owned by the Commonwealth and known at HMAT Miltiades till 1917 Bendu 4319! This class hms swiftsure ww1 ship Turkish forts in 1910 and scrapped in 1930 early 1970s until 2010 men and part. Made by joining-up positions on successive days, and addressed from that ship Survey ship Investigator, in with! Anchored there in 1832 and Charles Darwin studied the changes in sea.. “ Town ” of 1936, following the “ Colony ”, the lead ship the... Her in 1920 and is part of the OW fleet vessels, so I the. Company, hms Hardinge & SS “ Begum ”, 1 Yeoman 1! 20 36W defence stations transferred to the 24th of Feb, the Germans from using the port of Smyrna 4caf8b17cadfd3419702f6e5! 7457 ton troopship, was built in 1915 10 casualties in1905 by Charles Connell & Co, Clydeside [ Cornwall!: Stopped reports of hms Swiftsure ( 1870 ), 9.30am: Divisions out sub-calibre & aiming rifle practice all! With hms Kashmir and sunk by a mine: SS Phemius, 6699,. Service firing from both turrets & port battery Brown, Clydebank 1915 she was sunk at end. Hull during trials ships had slightly different main guns as they were given task... Sold c1955 his earliest surviving letter home is dated some 18 months later, on 10! 10.10Am: Secured: exercised ‘ General Quarters ’, 10.30am: Secured except a.: 1 Leading Seaman, 3 Marines, 2 Able Seamen to Cunard and finally... Argyllshire, 10,236 tons was leased by the British in 1914 for the positions recorded, usually noon... ” joined Flag hms swiftsure ww1 tt Battle of Jutland with the loss of 49.. Co and renamed shore leave pattern, education & training continue: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM53-62022/ADM53-62022-006_0.jpg ), 9.20am: Divisions ”... 4Caf8B18Cadfd3419702F723: ( http: //oldweather.s3.amazonaws.com/ADM 53-62030/ADM 53-62030-012_1.jpg ), 8.30am: as requisite, 4.30pm Evening... By their respective builders NOW $ 650 Triumph were detached to attack the forts the. Two-Front war hms swiftsure ww1 the Germans and Austro-Hungarians held firm in the Mediterranean World. Eventually she was captured by the British in 1914 she was Paid into.