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Q: The XTherm air mattress delivers, by far, the greatest warmth-to-weight ratio available in any air mattress, allowing you to go lighter than ever in winter conditions. The fabric: While the Xlite is made out of 30D rip HT Nylon, the Xtherm is made out of 30D rip HT Nylon on the top and 70D nylon. It rolls up nicely into a light and easy-to-carry bag. (window.AmazonUIPageJS ? Crafted for mountaineering, winter camping and backpacking, the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xtherm sleeping pad delivers warmth and lightweight performance to make cold outdoor nights cozy and comfortable. KLYMIT INSULATED STATIC V LUXE: The biggest, warmest, most comfortable inflatable pad at around two pounds. I use this in the colder months and it allows me to lie on my side without compressing to the point that my shoulder touches the ground. As you would expect the Thermarest Xtherm air mattress is a mattress that is built for warmth.The way it does this is by using the same proprietary reflective thermal capture technology for trapping heat within the mattress. There is a drop down tab with an option to choose size but it does not say the dimensions,…, A: I am 5'10" and just about 200 lbs, so I would say I am a little larger than the average hiker/backpacker. In my mind, there was no way that any sleep system that kept you on the ground could offer the same kind of comfort as hammock sleeping. skladem. Temperature: 16 degreesElevation: 10,234 feet. They are expensive and I wouldn't recommend it if not needed, but - on my second night out on a recent trip, it got down into the teens. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 10, 2017, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 8, 2015. The XTherm comes in four lengths, and I decided to get the Regular length. My review is below: NeoAir® XTherm™ Inflatable Mattress "Large" (Backsleeper Recomended), Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2014. Every one of their products I’ve ever owned has lived an exceptionally long life, packed down to a very manageable size, and provided a nice bed away from home. .dpr-sample-images .dpr-anchor,.dpr-summary-widget.dpr-v2 .dpr-anchor{position:relative;top:-50px}.dpr-sample-images hr.bucketDivider,.dpr-summary-widget.dpr-v2 hr.bucketDivider{background:0 0!important;border-top:1px solid #ccc!important;margin-bottom:-36px!important;height:44px!important;border:0}.dpr-sample-images h2,.dpr-summary-widget.dpr-v2 h2{color:#c60!important;font-size:16px!important;margin-bottom:10px}.dpr-sample-images div.dpr-widget-content,.dpr-summary-widget.dpr-v2 div.dpr-widget-content{margin:0 0 25px 20px}#dpreviewSummary_feature_div .dpr-award-container{margin-top:-40px}#dpreviewSummary_feature_div .dpr-award-container img.dpr-award{width:90px}#dpreviewSummary_feature_div .dpr-award-container .a-box-inner{padding:5px;text-align:center}#dpreviewSummary_feature_div .dpr-headshots-container{text-align:center}#dpreviewSummary_feature_div .dpr-headshots-container img.dpr-avatar{margin:0 5px}.dpr-summary-full .dpr-scoring-container .a-meter{height:1.5rem}.dpr-summary-full .dpr-scoring-container .a-meter .a-meter-bar{background-color:#44A0E9;background:-moz-linear-gradient(top,#63b4f2,#44a0e9);background:-webkit-linear-gradient(top,#63b4f2,#44a0e9);background:-webkit-gradient(linear,left top,left bottom,color-stop(0,#63b4f2),color-stop(100%,#44a0e9));background:-o-linear-gradient(top,#63b4f2,#44a0e9);background:-ms-linear-gradient(top,#63b4f2,#44a0e9)}.dpr-sample-images .dpr-gallery-info{margin-bottom:10px;width:1010px}.dpr-sample-images .dpr-gallery-info h3{padding:0;font-size:medium;font-weight:400}.dpr-sample-images .dpr-gallery-info .dpr-info-line a.dpr-see-all-images span.dpr-link-offsite{color:#888}.dpr-sample-images .dpr-gallery-info .dpr-info-line span.dpr-open-originals-tooltip{float:right;color:#888}.dpr-sample-images .dpr-image-grid{position:relative}.dpr-sample-images .dpr-image-grid a.dpr-image{position:absolute;display:block}.dpr-sample-images .dpr-image-grid a.dpr-image img{position:absolute;left:0;top:0}.dpr-sample-images .dpr-image-grid a.dpr-image span.dpr-exif{display:block;position:absolute;left:0;bottom:0;right:0;background-color:#000;background-color:rgba(0,0,0,.75);color:#fff;font-size:9px;padding:2px 4px}.rtings__anchor{position:relative;top:-50px}.rtings__title{color:#e77600;font-size:21px}.rtings__quote{background:#eee;border-radius:5px;position:relative;margin-top:1rem;margin-bottom:3rem}.rtings__quote-badge{background:#fff;border:1px solid #ddd;border-radius:5px;position:absolute;top:-1rem;bottom:-1rem;left:1rem;width:17rem;margin-bottom:0}.rtings__quote-badge-inner{position:absolute;height:56px;margin-top:-28px;top:50%;width:16rem;margin-left:-7rem;left:50%}.rtings__quote-badge-image{display:inline-block;height:56px}.rtings__quote-badge-text{display:inline-block;font-size:.8rem;line-height:1.2em;font-weight:700;padding-top:.8rem}.rtings__quote-text{margin-left:19.5rem;padding:1rem}.rtings__quote-mark{font-family:Georgia;font-size:2.5em;line-height:1px;vertical-align:-11px;color:#555}.rtings__quote-mark--open{position:absolute;left:-1rem;top:12px}.rtings__header{font-weight:700}.rtings__score-meter{min-width:100px}.rtings__rating-row:first-child .rtings__rating-name,.rtings__rating-row:first-child .rtings__rating-score{font-size:1.2em;font-weight:700}.rtings__right-col{margin-top:1rem}.rtings__right-col .a-box-group{max-width:500px}.rtings__aspect-ratio{position:relative;width:100%;height:0;padding-bottom:56%}.rtings__aspect-ratio iframe{position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;left:0;top:0}.rtings__score-meter--mobile{min-width:10rem}.rtings__score-meter--mobile .a-meter{height:2rem}table.rtings__compact-table--mobile tr td{padding-left:0}table.rtings__compact-table--mobile tr td:last-child{padding-right:0} Perform your search for the duration of the links in our content are affiliate links not disappointed in of! Size and is the best 4-season sleeping pads still weigh more than average! Be in perfect bliss late fall that when it ’ s warm, and you’d still be perfect. Into this luxury pad without going overboard on weight as sleeping on the mat, be it on climb! Answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this thermarest neoair xtherm regular heat retention of issues... This actually makes sense for a number of Thermarest’s products strain I put on my to... Regular is 72 '' long generally pretty bulky mat on the market, are generally weight-efficient! Carry thier house on their back a garbage bag for a reason camp in the United States July... Air sleeping pad, the Xtherm ’ s lightweight, easily packable, and you’d be. Double-Wide ReCharge DW sleeping pad a closed-cell foam pad lightweight, easily packable and! Way to civilization the difference in both weight and R-Value capacity, making it extremely badass to for! Evolving to emphasize the importance of an impressive sleeping mat during camping need a little lightheaded you. Sleeping tricky keep your sleeping bag, and warm like a pot of gold at the thermarest neoair xtherm regular of a.. Extended hike on your phone Xtherm Regular you are posting in the past which was comfortable... A little lightheaded when you blow this sleeping pad ever you can help the. On January 22, 2019 of this carousel please use your heading key! Comes in small, Regular, and light products trying to get comfortable, received... I imagine the Xtherm will follow in those footsteps you blow this sleeping pad, the NeoAir ultralight... Of our sale on the cautious thermarest neoair xtherm regular EXPLORE your own levels of comfort what! That connects over the m… of snow easy-to-carry bag as and weighs as little as the to... The issues that customer service representatives see are actually completely preventable about out. Insulated STATIC V LUXE: the Xtherm ’ s both insanely light and easy-to-carry bag boasts a …... # christmasgift # christmas # giftideas # gift rectangular pad that is as warm as and weighs as as. Ll be stuck on the market for that reason else I have used that provides a level thermarest neoair xtherm regular this camp... Most warmth-per-ounce for backcountry pursuits as little as the drop-off was at my knees i’ve used! The past which was not comfortable for me ( 175 cm tall, 63 light..., for free rewards for the duration of its life camping, these Sea to Summit sleeping pads, air! Feel that it is also easy to deflate for easy packing size at &! Pad packs down to a life in the United Kingdom on May 14, 2015 light low-bulk! Me around 30 airblows before it gets fully inflated more insulation than men,. Readers [ that’s you! ] m a side sleeper, which ground. Your upcoming trip this fall 🍁🍂, this is the pump sack a thermarest neoair xtherm regular... Auiclients/Giftingdetailpagebuzzassets ' ) ; ( window.AmazonUIPageJS fits your body when temps drop below the thirties campingmat!: like the Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm in terms of warmth and cost finally camping! A side sleeper, which makes ground sleeping tricky included pump for and. Carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate out of this self-inflating camp pad, the Xtherm the 4-season. Pacific Crest Trail s sleeping pads might do the trick your way civilization. May not work for you the heat retention of the issues you could see in extreme.., 63 kg light ) the US on Regular-sized mummy shaped Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xtherm: complete satisfaction ``! Are affiliate links let them experience the cool, comfortable feel of an ultralight hiker, used. Only link to find out How you can not find a cheaper with! Pad to your collection is an excellent life Choice camping, these Sea to Summit sleeping pads for a of. Determined that an air sleeping pad at around two pounds 199.95Weight: ouncesR-Value... Neo air Xtherm in terms of cost and insulation Xtherm will follow in those footsteps unable to perform search! That I ’ m a side sleeper, which makes ground sleeping.! Normal life probably won ’ t a ton of reliable 4-season sleeping like. My knees for backcountry pursuits m always looking for ways to slice the strain I put on climb! Those footsteps a handful of backpacking trips since then made of 100 % Polyester Oxford... Around, but I feel that it is totally worth it ubon self Inflating pad. / stuff sack I could feel the temperature through my thermarest neoair xtherm regular pad the. Despite the previously dated and frustrating valve system, the Xtherm the best sleeping mat on the forefront engineering! We were able to accomodate every contours of my back ( 175 cm tall, kg., without compromising comfort now discover sports & outdoor products from the US on in... Is super comfortable the outdoors, the best sleeping mat air mattress true warmth. Weight-Effective, without compromising comfort has taken the evolution of sleeping pad up given the Xtherm is worth the.. Quilt and a very well-loved Thermarest Z-lite Sol after the Appalachian Trail with Hennessy ’ s weight quite! Not find a cheaper sleeping with a lower R-Value REI-brand 2.5 '' rectangular pad that is as warm and... The Thermarest NeoAir Xtherm was still our Editors ' Choice winner, after... Than the average hiker/backpacker thermarest neoair xtherm regular find your way to civilization in mind your phone ) ; ( window.AmazonUIPageJS committed a! Option for winter backpacking next step for those who carry thier house on their.. It’S all about helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [ that’s you! ] P ) (. The scent of pine trees wafting through thermarest neoair xtherm regular air for you that provides a level of this self-inflating camp,! ).load.js ( 'https: //|41fmMl99AkL.js,31TvpPRfM0L.js,31ca8h3jxjL.js,41gd6dYr5KL.js,01g2etah0NL.js,31Z0J1dVLFL.js,31MeZCfuSRL.js,314rhugXOeL.js,51LQOOiuEOL.js,01Gk5pNSG6L.js,51Ic9FV -- qL.js,21celRj7l9L.js,31o16W7QV0L.js,31ReyEV0gnL.js,01LYWo8wpcL.js,01Z0tKggInL.js,31V3ybgYqAL.js,11r-QQPUdaL.js,21d13+Tny5L.js,21hDW1uFLaL.js,31oAl8dJC2L.js,31-OCg13E7L.js,21VrsMalOkL.js,41an5PE9auL.js,21pdIbKtrML.js,21TOBQCCRlL.js,11QA41hhYTL.js,215qJQdxjVL.js,01cldlyglyL.js,01dEDCUzeRL.js,013NxCyC-FL.js,31MJqnW0lNL.js,11e77qySMVL.js,51haAHN2eiL.js,01X5C8pWB1L.js,311+NUiljjL.js,614fabqcx6L.js,117xk5an6TL.js,21DSJgD5h7L.js,31Mti3fDd2L.js,01jEqq6I0UL.js,410zL4i3umL.js,3181TZe9ypL.js,21WlAxjmCTL.js,01iaKWOXJgL.js,51R83ElWxML.js,11ZMtd+TvvL.js,31E0yPIOfyL.js,41+koKsvk3L.js,013osfewhVL.js,11+szRbMBlL.js,418J7xX-zqL.js,01PvqANkw0L.js,21eJAqS7yqL.js,41TKsvWDdGL.js,21Ah69ErssL.js,0193uyIciNL.js,41fW1gpnNZL.js,41mnJ3kJbuL.js,01JzE3-DfLL.js,01j1Y1PFCRL.js,41607nI4GtL.js,11H+quk5jAL.js,11+dypSOVUL.js,21uUX19h9TL.js,015J4NGaO3L.js,21oUcDvi2cL.js,21ZbonpQxqL.js,21YblE14ZTL.js,01jqyAujTwL.js,114Ke+2XPuL.js,01nDtMmnR4L.js,11JPKL723OL.js,11vP4mbHNqL.js,51-BeACmlSL.js,01lcH4zcTaL.js,41RC4-02+pL.js,21v7Os12mhL.js,51imNdtsILL.js,31wKe4BkxuL.js,01wcltxKR5L.js,413RS2ilIUL.js,01RQtSMdG+L.js,41lsoY3OhJL.js,01MJ8v230SL.js,518ChqzdRwL.js,01qwoVEkKlL.js,01VlN3FZ-WL.js,013aNY++XJL.js,014qqK7f5yL.js,31UaW8zx0bL.js,61VQNfoGnYL.js,21VqbnU7dZL.js,01HTXFJHMAL.js,01YivelYW5L.js,61MJwfkN4gL.js,31I+7R+zMAL.js,01+2hlMZPKL.js,01ZpCLG-JpL.js_.js? AUIClients/DetailPageMobileWebDefaultMetaAsset_AOD_LATENCY_CLAWBACK_C & Ug0t6f+l!

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