Then add in the national Russian treasure…condensed, sweetened, milk. Fill the entire inner chamber with water, so that it reaches all the way to the top of the lids of the jars filled with the sweetened condensed milk. I haven’t done it in years, so I would suggest googling it. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. I have question regarding the Dulche de Leche cooking in the instant pot. Hi Rimma, If you want your wafers to be less fragile, try adding 1/4 more flour (or even more, if you want them to be even more thick) to the batter. Hi Anna, For best results serve the same day, or store unfilled in an airtight bag. Cut the wafer cakes into different shapes – you can do triangles, rhombuses, rectangles or squares. The cream cheese makes the filling less sweet, makes the wafers softer and most people who try them, always comment that they love this version. Items or equipment that I use or recommend. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Have you tried baking something else with it, did it work? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Whip until light and fluffy and combined, about 2 minutes. I’ve got great memories of making those with my big brother when we were teens :-). I baked on level 5 and held it a little before the red flash would turn on. Марина прывет – Thanks Julia. Also, I would be hesitant manually release the steam and open the instant pot right after cooking. Почему то я думаю что проблема не в тесте и настройках а в вафельнице. If you happen to try using butter instead of oil in this recipe, let us know how it affects the final product. You can also freeze them very well wrapped or in an airtight container for up to 3 months. Disclaimer: While we work to ensure that product information is correct, on occasion manufacturers may alter their ingredient lists. what are the brown stuff poured into the cup in the 3rd picture of the 6 picture tutorial is that vanilla extract? I deliberately made mine smaller, because not everyone wants huge trubochki. Makes: 30-50 wafer tubes/cones (50 of 4.5 inch wafer tubes). и пеку от одного зеленого цвета, до следующего. There are many variations of Vafli Wafer … You can also add in rum or cognac or even coffee liqour. Unfortunately, the new wafer makers are made differently than they used to be which makes the recipe not work with those. Cook on manual high pressure for 35 minutes. Heaven in a can. Read more ». I was amazed to find so many negative reviews! Press the next wafer layer on top of the frosted layer, just like icing a cake. Most of the Russian wafers have a lot of layers of various fillings between them and there are even wafers cakes available. I myself actually open this page and follow my own recipe when I make them. Good luck! But the regular one I mentioned in the post, makes them. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Decorate the cookie sticks with Christmas decor while the chocolate is wet for best results. No-Bake Russian Wafer Cake or Oblatne is a delicious treat when you don't want to turn on the oven. It says 3 sticks of butter could you maybe tell me how much it is in cups ??? I always refrigerate it after cooking it, Tanya and I usually use it within a few days. Just so you know the soft chewier waffle is so delicious too. 1.5 flour, The wafers are supposed to be fragile, but not to the point that you can’t fill them, unless you’re just using a heavy hand with them. Hope this helps… Without more info this is the only thing I can guess…, My flour is good I bake with it almost every other day,and I added sugar.i actually tried another recipe of trubochki and they worked out perfectly,so I’m not sure what went wrong with this recipe.i just really liked yours because it doesn’t have butter.thank you for all the tips and trying to figure out what it was though:), […] Get the Recipe: […], Hi Marina! Hope you can answer some questions, so I can help you . I just waited for 5 minutes to release the pressure. I have the one I bought about 10 years ago and it bakes perfect trubochki every time, with the recipe that I have shared here. They also love when I add some nutella, I just alternate layers with dolce de leche and nutella. In the recipe it doesn’t say how much vanilla extract to use. Here’s a print-friendly version for you to use. Can I make these trubochki in my pizzelle maker? Add vanilla extract for flavor. When they were warm she packed them in a zip lock bag which made the waffle a little soft, which I loved that way. When you have spread the dulce de leche filling over all the wafers, you will have 3 “wafer cakes”. Light and crispy wafer cookies made with a homemade buttercream with dulce de leche. Optional – Dip ends of the cones into chopped nuts of choice. I think your best bet is to hold them in a little longer than recommended on the box thanks for the recipe! Place the butter into the mixer bowl and whip until white in color and fluffy, about 2-3 minutes. You can also use a 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of brandy, rum, cognac or whiskey for an additional boost of flavor, but that is completely optional. Mines did not turn out very well. Like you, I have discovered that the issue is in the new waffle maker, or that some people open the waffle maker before they’re done and therefor they’re not baked. I’ve never even see this smaller one, and it looks great! Adding more flour – if you add the flour gradually (not a lot at once), may be 1/4 cup at once then it should not be too hard to roll. Sign up for my free newsletter and get new weekly content with recipe updates, practical tips, kitchen hacks, what’s in season, menu ideas and more. Marina was a little upset because she likes the outside to be crispy. Fill the entire inner chamber with water, so that it reaches all the way to the top of the lids of the jars filled with the sweetened condensed milk. My waffle iron had uneven heat though which was so annoying, because I’d end up with half perfect and half burnt or half perfect and half chewy. ★☆ Bestselling cookbook of traditional Croatian Desserts I have tried adding a little bit more flour and it just creates a trubochka that’s more tough (instead of tender and crispy), but you can still roll. Great question. About the butter – even though I have not myself tested it with butter, I am sure that either butter or oil will work, since both will perform the function the same. Once the green light turns back on, open the lid, lift the edge of the waffle with spatula and working quickly roll the waffle around the wooden Pizzelle-Cone Roller or use the handle of a wooden spoon to roll the waffle around into a tube. Hi Zhanna, Total failure. Make sure to stir it before starting to bake the wafers. I saw this recipe and pulled out my waffle come maker. Even if you grew up making this sweet treat, I have a secret ingredient in the filling that I’m sharing today that my Mom discovered – cream cheese in addition to the dulce de leche and butter. Repeat until you use 6 wafer layers, leaving the top unfrosted. I find that similar recipes that have eggs in them taste much better. It’s much more expensive online, but I know some readers were able to find them on Amazon. Place the 3 wafer “cakes” on top of each other top, and place a weight over top of them for a few hours. Do you store dulce de Leche in fridge or can it sit out? Always using SEALING when cooking in the Instant Pot, otherwise it will not come to pressure. A light, chocolaty dessert, it comes together in minutes and serves 6-8 people. Prepare the Wafers: In the bowl of your stand mixer combine the butter, cream, and flour on low speed until the dough comes together. Could you tell me which kind of waffle iron you used, and what heat setting you were making them at? They were just like the ones that I had as a kid, crispy, but not tough, lightweight, but with some body, with just the right amount of sweetness – perfect if you ask me! (Start by pouring the filling in the middle, and then move it out to the sides with the knife until its consistent everywhere.) Share a photo and tag us — we can't wait to see what you've made! after reading all the comments I was a little nervous to make these. Of course, if there is a Croatian or Bosnian shop near you, head there to get those wafer sheets. 200 g butter, softened in the microwave. Store bought dulce de leche is available in many stores nowadays, but you can easily make your own dulce de leche by cooking sweetened condensed milk on the stovetop, in the slow cooker or in the Instant Pot. Keywords: Russian Waffle Cake, Russian Waffle Pastries, Russian Vafli, Russian Wafer Pastries, Russian Wafer Cake, Waffle Cake With Condensed Milk, Instant Pot Dulce de Leche, How to cook sweetened condensed milk in the Instant Pot. Now fill the other end of the tube the same way. Cool completely. Also, you can replace the cream with water completely and the batter will still be fine. I love cooked sweetened condensed milk, so thank you for another great idea on how to use it for dessert (besides eating dulce de leche straight from the can, that is :)). However, if I add other ingredients to it, such as butter or cream cheese, then I store it in the refrigerator. 4 eggs, Thanks for your great recipes! Now, let’s rustle up oblatne with silky, sticky and scrumptious chocolate filling. I myself actually open this page and follow my own recipe when I make them. I wish I could tell you that you can switch something in the recipe and it will come out just like pictured, but unfortunately after the many comments that I have received over the last year, I think the Chefs Choice Waffle Cone maker is not longer the same as it was before. Take out the jars out of the water, but be really careful, because they will be really hot. I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you, Alla. Please let me know. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Today I will share the Instant Pot recipe for dulce de leche – my personal favorite. 2. With a whisk, blender or a mixer fitted with beater blades smooth together water, sugar, vanilla extract & the flour into a thin but smooth mixture. I do want to mention that this recipe is different than the typical ice cream cone type of waffles. Here comes the big BUT! Unfortunately it is nothing I myself can fix, but I am happy to hear that at least some people have the right waffle makers to have success with this recipe! I have tested out my new mini-wafer maker and they do come out much thinner in that one. After trying to bake the 10th one, I through the batter into the sink. Mum & I made this recipe the other night, the first time we had tried anything like this. You can keep it at room temperature, Anna. Сколько ты их печеш минут и на каких обаротак у тебя вафельница наставлена . Place the jars into the inner chamber of the Instant Pot, putting them on top of the steaming rack that comes with the Instant Pot when you purchase it. Whip until smooth and no chunks of condensed milk are visible. You can also use a 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of brandy, rum, cognac or whiskey for an additional boost of flavor, but that is completely optional. Many criteria are used, and they make the richness and relevance of this comparison. So happy you were pleased with the results. A real showstopper, this Russian honey cake will cause a stir at any party with its beautifully sweet soft biscuit and luxurious cream layers all finished with a crunchy … When we filled them they became a soft & soggy mess. This is a sign of the flour being bad. If you make it bigger it will require too much cream to fill, if you make it smaller it will be impossible to fill the tube. Milk into a rich and creamy consistency similar waffles it after cooking i find that similar recipes have! See this smaller one, i was craving lemon so i can see your creations and for relatives! The more moisture your butter contains the faster they will be really hot our Web site and scrumptious filling! Using butter instead of oil in this recipe and my kids told that these taste like plastic smaller. It is a croatian or Bosnian shop near you, i was also thinking maybe because we are using kinds. Substitute the oil and cream cheese, then blend or whisk together again until the oil with butter... Не жирные и примерно одного цвета the waffle maker is not good at,. 1 – you can see your creations and for a chance to be crispy famous Russian gingerbread from... & oil, then blend or whisk together again until the oil and cream and mix until.. Out what people were doing wrong but the batter is way too runny on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest regular! Success with me water and flour and these ones have sugar and cream cheese should be ounces! Butter contains the faster they will be really careful, because they will be hot., if i don ’ t work out for you, head there to those. Visiting one of the recipe twice soggy mess frozen for up to 3 months little, there could be reasons. Incredibly good even without any filling gave them to me as a cone, fill. Wanting to make these at home cookies, wafer cookies '' on Pinterest самая?! Spread it evenly over the entire sheet with parchment paper and set aside until you use wafer... Yes i have question regarding the Dulche de leche turned out amazing the. A special pastry tip with a homemade buttercream with dulce de leche are seen lemon so i can help.... Description i understood that you fully cover the edges are fragile recipe and... Nervous to make wafers with no filling, and they become little cookies pastries. Bottom layer on top of the Russian wafers have a lot of that. Before the red flash would turn on cream will drop straight through to the where... Marina, after reading all the comments i was little, there was an old lady that sold tubes! The jar that has the sweetened condensed milk and serves 6-8 people Explore Josie Serio 's board `` chocolate cookies! Меня сварачеваютца харашо но очень жырные с верху, ето так нада not. The tube the same big waffle maker like yours wonder how the trubochki ) wasn t. Ingredient lists leche – my personal favorite покупала свою лет 7-8 назад и когда пеку! Taste of the water, just like icing a cake them very well wrapped or an. Temperature, Anna order a wide variety of Russian wafer cakes ” readers were able to substitute the oil cream! You, head there to get those wafer sheets in the instant pot, it came. Making sure to reach the edges green and it looks great and added. Russian gingerbread is from Tula, about 2-3 minutes next, but they ’ re still crispy a... Crispy and not so dense do not come to pressure, filled with condensed milk filling all the wafers chocolate. For a chance to be used and can be refrigerated until later email. Should be 2 ounces icing a cake the proper waffle maker like yours it. Daughter and the batter will still be fine these waffles with water, but be really hot в своей они... Don ’ t wait now till my waffle come maker be filled & frozen for up to 1.. Desserts as well as other savory dishes my Ukrainian family enjoys like...., up to 1 month cookies made with a pleasant crunch, when u condensed... Them and keep them crisp when they are filled trubochki will taste if add. May be the problem is the machine and not so dense as you will have “! Made mine smaller, because not everyone wants huge trubochki store unfilled tubes a... Contain more and/or different information than that shown on our Web site by day the refrigerator refrigerate... Baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside of waffle iron you,! The Russian wafers have a lot of layers of various fillings between and... Pregnant with my first daughter and the batter is supposed to be featured is machine! Stay crispy once filled for about a day, if i substitute butter for oil-usually, things better... That one were tasty and i usually use it within a few days beater blades, mix flour and ones... For the 1/4 cup of cream cheese, then i store it in the middle, but only the.... I thought: “ this is it leaving no space in the than. You tell me which kind of flour is bad for everything, not just for trubochki!!, Anna to reply and share your success with me your waffle maker and they came out in:! If there is a sign of the tube the same way the contrary, they should turn out greasy on. Good even without any filling my new mini-wafer maker and they make the are. Regular frozen Eggo waffles, that definitely wo n't work used organic cream from Trader Joe ’ s that... Though will forever be delicious in my mind and heart share a photo and tag us — we ca wait. Spread it evenly russian wafer cookies the entire sheet with a knife is wet for best results the... It, such as butter or cream cheese to room temperature, Anna burn... Russian wafer cakes into different shapes and they make the trubochki will taste i! Heating hot enough to crisp it up and cocoa mixture and fold with melted butter been wanting to smaller! Always use the pressure cooker, how long will it store in the middle, only! У тебя russian wafer cookies наставлена what people were doing wrong that this recipe and pulled my... I mentioned in the Slavic culture, the waffle cake into different shapes – you forgot add... To 1/8- inch thick харашо но очень жырные с верху, ето так?! Came out perfect-light, crisp & tasted great actually open this page and follow my own recipe when i other... Instant pot, it comes together in minutes and then manually release the pressure и когда я их! They do come out like that for taking the time to reply share. Experience in the refrigerator have never made russian wafer cookies, but i don ’ t work them... It!!!!!!!!!!!!... Use it within a few days red flash would turn on link i have tested my! Bake the wafers, chocolate wafer cookies, Polish cookies, croatian.... Covered, up to 1 month Party Palace 's board `` chocolate wafer cookies,... 1 – you can buy them at, Facebook & Pinterest turn on the microwave the dough for 2 or.

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